Even from the road, the Pirelli Hangar-Bicocca in Milan is a space that attracts visitors’ attention. Passing through the gardens, they are captured by colours, atmosphere and the perspective architecture. Repurposing old factories is a popular trend that should continue, especially when the results are like this.

Among the diverse exhibitions currently on display is that of Rosa Barba (1972), an artist of Sicilian origin who has settled in Berlin and whose exhibit deserves to be mentioned. Her work functions as a perfect combination of the culture and poetry of Italian technology with German precision.

The exhibition “From Source to Poem to Rhythm to Reader” is an explosion of sensations. While the air is filled with sound fragments and loud echoes, viewers pass through a space of semi-darkness, broken in places by the thousand lights of films and cars in an exaltation of the activities of the artist that create an exclusive relationship between the work, the observer and the space. Though her art, Rosa Barba has always attempted to study “the modern unconscious” and the challenges of digitalisation, moving from experimental documentary to narration beyond a defined temporal space.

The exhibition, open until early October, presents 14 works. The films narrate “varied stories”, none of which have been previously screened. For the artist, the editing becomes a reflection on how every human construction and every robotic reality that is now obsolete is an instrument for archiving.

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