eastwest forum 2017

Eastwest Forum, an international conference on Digital Challenges, organized by the geopolitical magazine Eastwest.


This year's Eastwest Forum aims to contribute to the European and international debate on the opportunities offered by digitalization and its potential impact on the organisation of labour and the shaping of our society. Sector experts, stakeholders, philosophers, entrepreneurs specialising in various digital contexts, along with sociologists and social changers will be taking part in thoughtful and open minded discussions of the possible future developments that the digital revolution will entail.

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The issue we are discussing this year is very broad and complex, that’s why we have decided to publish a series of articles to help people understand what we are talking about.

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The Eastwest magazine and the Europeye Publishing House will be rewarding students who take part in the Eastwest Forum on 12 July at the S. Giovanni a Teduccio campus of Federico II Naples University by offering scholarships and internships to those who ask the most perceptive questions. Check out the scholarship and internship opportunities.

Here you will find information about the opportunities we offer.

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