eastwest forum 2017

The Eastwest magazine and the Europeye Publishing House will be offering scholarships and internships to students that take part in the Eastwest Forum on 12 July 2017 and shall ask the best questions to the panelists.

We offer six different opportunities:

- a study scholarship worth 1,500 euro reserved EXCLUSIVELY for students enrolled in the faculties of Engineering, Political Sciences, Communication Sciences, Law and Economics;

- a study scholarship worth 1,500 euro reserved EXCLUSIVELY for Academy students;

- an 1 week internship at ECFR reserved EXCLUSIVELY for Political Science and International Relations students;

- an 6 week internship on the newsdesk of the Eastwest magazine and the eastwest.eu online news website open to all university students enrolled in any faculty with an interest in journalism and foreign policy.

- a curricular internship with Value Transformation Service SpA - sede IBM Segrate (MI) lasting 150 hours (4 weeks) that will take place between October 2017 and the end of the 2017/2018 academic year.

- a curricular internship at CAPGEMINI Italia Spa, Milan or Rome offices lasting 6 months set to start in October 2017 to the end of the academic year 207/2018.

In order to apply registration to the Forum must be made BY 11 JULY 2017.

All the regulations regarding participation and more detailed information can be found in the downloadable PDFs below.

For further information and contacts please write to ewforum@eastwest.eu

download agenda forum