eastwest forum 2017

Access to internet as a human right

Internet is synonymous with the digital revolution and how it moves forward will determine, as we all know, the future of our societies. In these rather troubling times, when countries seem to want to crawl back into their shell, the issue of a free and inclusive internet has become even more important, while there is plenty of concern over possible distortions of its usage made to promote false and deceptive information and news.

Algorithms and Democracy

There are many issues on the table.

How Big Data and Big Platforms could end up controlling the planet, and this has serious ethical and moral implications.

A world partnership has to study and address the risks posed by the human-robot relationship: security, democracy, algorithms and free will. The positive impact of AI in our daily life will depend on the quality of the algorithms.

How business models are now hiring philosophers as well scientists; content, not just code, is needed in a livable digital world.

Digitalization and the world of employment/labour

A revolution in the employment scenario. Can a Universal Basic Income provide a solution? New business models are needed to enhance opportunities rather than loss of jobs. 

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