Asylum-seekers: a burden or a sign of solidarity?

A French student talks about his experience in the "Model European Union" simulation, held by the Eastest European Institute in Paris (April 2019) and in Brussels (May 2019)
Nimron Koneshachandra

Iran, 40 years later, a compromise for Brexit, the Italy-France crisis

The Iranian Revolution of 1979. The political negotiations between May and Corbyn. A new shutdown in the US
Marco Dell'Aguzzo

Venezuela, the "Huawei case", the American decommitment in the world

The international press looks at the Venezuelan situation, the Financial Times reflects upon Huawei and 5G, Le Monde talks about Donald Trump's foreign policy
Marco Dell'Aguzzo

Nissan alarm in the UK, US troops in Iraq, US-China negotiations

Nissan shifts part of its production outside the United Kingdom. On Venezuela, Italy contrasts with the European line. Trump wants troops in Iraq to work against Iran
Marco Dell'Aguzzo

Plan B for Brexit, no deal on shutdown in the US, tensions between Canada and China

Theresa May relies on changing the peace agreement between UK and Ireland. In the US Democrats decline Trump's proposal to "re-open" the government. China warns Canada
Marco Dell'Aguzzo