Facing the Gaza inferno, pain directed at the suffering must be trumped by a sense of shame for our general impotence in solving the problem. Europe and to the West as a whole and can’t step out of the shadows of history and historical alliances. This makes for a shared unwillingness to intervene with the tools of meaningful military way. We need to look history squarely in the face without dissembling or falling back on meaningless platitudes and pronoucements. But that also means facing a contradictory vision. Maybe the latest Israeli offensive isn’t just a byproduct of the George Bush-Barak Obama interregnum but is also the result of a geopolitical situation that has effectively turned the entire Arab-Israeli struggle into a “local war” between Israel and a state called “Gaza” were Hamas rules supreme. If that were the case, both sides would have free reign to fight until reaching a military solution. Yet military hostilities will never solve anything just because this conflict was never reparable at a local level. Never mind the fact that in the coming years the West will be distracted by economic woes and massive changes in the global equilibrium posed byt the growth of China, and India, as well as the rise of newly “imperial” Russia. The truth is that this war can’t be limited or circumscribed geographically – any more than our complicity in it can be ignored.


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