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Anne-Sophie Berger uses bodies and clothes to look at the link between money and luxury

Viennese artist Anna-Sophie Berger’s background is somewhat atypical in that she studied fashion and design rather than attending an academy, and she has transformed this apparent weakness into a strength.

Her art, in fact, focuses on the world of fashion and the relationship between art and luxury, an industry centred around Paris, Milan and London. The young Austrian pursues her original analysis by travelling the length of the fashion industry’s production chain. In particular, Berger focuses on the relationship between money and luxury to fathom out the decisive criteria in the creation of value.

In a society prone to the cult of appearance, the ephemeral and the superficial, hers is by no means a banal line of enquiry. Anna-Sophie succeeds in offering an original interpretation through physicality, utilizing her body and commonly used materials. She is in some ways a fashion designer who does not produce clothes but relationships between objects and concepts that link together in an attempt to highlight their extrinsic value. Stockings, dresses and jumpers are arranged in colourful living sculptures that are easy on the eye but ephemeral and fleeting just like fashionable clothes.

She utilizes her body with a rare wit, and sometimes with temporary tattoos, to underline that, deep down, fashion is nothing more than a way to deal with the aesthetic management of our bodies.

Berger is an artist who will go far because she manages to enter into our lives and press the buttons of vanity and consciousness, buttons that have an intense resonance.


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