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Europe’s problems are pulling it closer together


East speaks with John Peet, Europe Editor of The Economist.

 John Peet has been one of the men deciding what The Economist thinks about the world for 27 years. The paper’s Europe Editor since 2003, he has been Business Editor, Brussels Correspondent, Executive Editor, Surveys Editor, Finance Correspondent, Washington Correspondent and Britain Correspondent.

The Economist has supported the project of European unification since its inception, though Brussels – which occasionally fails to distinguish between criticism and hostility – has not always seen its coverage in that light. Today, John thinks that: “The European Project is in as much difficulty now as it has been at any time since it came into being. “British-style euroscepticism seems to have spread to the Continent. There’s still a degree of belief in a closer union – some kind of confederation perhaps – but primary loyalties are still to single nation states. Indeed, I think we’re seeing and feeling more of that now than we did ten years ago.”

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