Marching on Brussels

The state of European integration for Albania and Kosovo after the first European Union-Western Balkans summit since 2003.
Simone Benazzo

Kosovo: along with Albanian radicalism, here comes the threat of Islamic terrorism. An interview with Father Sava Janjic – Part I

Fifteen men were arrested in the counter-terrorism operation led by Kosovo security forces in September. They are suspected of links with ISIS (the Islamic State) and Jabhat al-Nusra. Previously, in August, Kosovo’s police had conducted a major operation in which they arrested forty people. Police report that up to 200 Kosovar citizens are believed to have moved to Syria and Iraq for the purpose of combat, and twenty of them have been killed there.
Fabio Polese

Photo album - Among the Dervishes of Kosovo

Dervishes play a significant role in the history of Islamic spirituality pertaining in particular to mystical doctrine known as Sufism.
Raffaele Coniglio

Kosovo: the train of hope

Any journey to the former Yugoslavia obliges one to reckon with memory and the past. Says 72-year-old Serb Ljubisa Djordjevic: “I worked at the post office in Pristina for a lifetime, until such time as it was possible to work with the Albanians”.
Emiliano Bos

Sentic’s Kosovo Mission

Serb Srdjan Sentic agreed to join the Kosovo government of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as aspecial adviser, hoping to reduce tensions in the aftermath of Kosovo's 2008 independence. So far,both sides have resisted him. Serbs label him a traitor while Albanians are uneasy with his ethnic roots. Notwithstanding the hostility, he continues to work to bring the edgy communities together, putting defiant optimism ahead of all else.
Alessandro Speciale