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June-July 2019

Understanding the fundamental economic dynamics has become today a crucial feature of diplomatic debates, where public and private interests are more and more deeply interconnected.

Economic Diplomacy provides participants with a theoretical and practical knowledge of negotiation techniques in the economic field, combined with a thorough understanding of the complex interconnections between the private and the public sector.

Each participant will have the opportunity to live a direct experience based on the “Learning by doing” approach, which is the leitmotif of all training activities organized by the eastwest European Institute.


Step 1 – Training courses, e-learning platform (webinar) about multilateral diplomacy, with a focus on the UN system and negotiation dynamics in the private sector

Step 2 – June 18, 2019, Farnesina (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Rome: functioning of the “Paese” Italian system and real mechanisms behind real public multilateral negotiations

Step 3 – July 23-27, 2019, New York City: simulation of a session of the Economic and Financial Committee of the UN General Assembly, meetings and guided Board simulations at the HQ of prestigious multinational companies (Bloomberg, Financial Times, UniCredit, Philip Morris, Black Rock, Pepsico)

Eastwest European Institute provides deserving students who want to take part to Economic Diplomacy in Rome and New York with scholarships. Scholarships are available based on the following criteria: university average grade, English level, participation to previous EWEI projects, interview outcome.


Website: Economic Diplomacy 


Phone: (+39) 06 811 57 586

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