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Everything’s marketable, not just real estate

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Due to energy sector slump, investors are looking elsewhere. From real estate to football, major funds are on the lookout for new investments.

The problems currently afflicting the energy sector have convinced major funds to start looking for more enticing opportunities. These include bond investors desperate for high yields and those working the real estate market and banks, engineering and transportation or even the cement sector and consumer goods. Brexit is also playing its part with hedge funds now short-selling shares of those groups that operate mainly in Great Britain in the wake of the country’s vote to leave the EU. In spite of the slowdown in recent years, real estate undoubtedly remains a favourite place for investors to park their money. This is true even in Italy, as proven by the many takeover bids of real estate funds: a 25% share of Alpha Immobiliare is now in the hands of US investment fund Elliot International, while Delta, a fund managed by Idea Fimit, has been the subject of three bids, including one by Mars Grafton.

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