Eastwest International Festival of Geopolitics31 May/1 June 2019 – Catania SMART CITY E GLOBAL GOVERNANCE WITH THE SUPPORT OF UNICREDIT UNICREDIT The Festival arose from a collaboration between Eastwest European Institute and Associazione Diplomatici. A reflection on significant events and happenings in international geopolitics, with experts and key protagonists from all over the world who dialogue with a wide audience that includes students from the University of Catania. The topic of this year’s discussion is Smart Cities and Global Governance. The goal is to explore complex themes associated with this topic through serious and informed, as well as simple and readily understandable discourse. The choice of Catania reaffirms the transnationality of the Mediterranean and harkens back to Europe’s place on the map as central between East and West, North and South. PARTICIPATION IN THE FESTIVAL IS GRATUITOUS REGISTRATION IS OPEN AND POSSIBLE VIA THIS LINK READ THE FULL PROGRAM HERE