Fifteen years of Eastwest


First East, then Eastwest. Our magazine and training courses. Europeans and europeists. What we have been and what we will be…

In July 2004, exactly 15 years ago, we came out with the first issue of Eastwest, or East as it was known at the time. That issue was entitled “The Europeans“, to point to a path which we’ve never wavered from, consistent with our mission to address the citizens of Europe, with a hope of providing political and cultural insight.

By the same token certain cornerstones have remained: we have never forsaken the bimonthly hardcopy version, distributed through newsagents, in the belief that we must provide our readers with a physical dimension, though we’ve also been working on developing our online publication, that has its own prerogatives, which enable us to have our say on current topics. We did however change our name, from east to eastwest, because what we’d imagined to a compulsory direction of the world’s evolution was too penalising to the historic and cultural vale of the kind Euro-centrism we wish to promote.

And we’ve never changed our editorial stance, as truly European Italians, who won’t give up on the idea that one day, our own generation and not in a hundred years, will see the direct election of a European President, who will finally incorporate the functions and authority of both the Commission and the Council.

Among the many figures who’ve played a part in our editorial history, which I’ll refrain from discussing, I must however expressly thank Unicredit and its then Managing Director Alessandro Profumo, who allowed this editorial adventure to be born. And also for acting as true publishers, without ever putting pressure on the editors who have run the magazine over the years. And even more recently, for enabling and promoting the gradual process of shareholder independence of the publication, now open to a diffuse ownership, which has even Millennials among its stakeholders, who bolster the activities of our easwest European Institute, where we’ve ideally merged our editorial and educational activities, adopting the same working methods: integrity and scientific bases for the analyses, innovation, international presence. We are the same age as Facebook: if we look at the impacts, we should consider ourselves a failure, but the comparison doesn’t hold water. We are not prepared to settle for survival (without spending a euro of public money and with our accounts in order) with our niche of thousands of readers in 50 different countries, our community of Serbs, French, Germans, Libyans who take part in our geopolitical festival in Catania or the Italo-Turkish Dialogue Forum.

What do we expect of the next 15 years? To still be here, in an ultimately federated Europe, where our voice can keep acting as a spur for visionary and inclusive projects, to promote a Union of facilitators of planetary equilibriums, prepared to mediate between American forgetfulness and Chinese temptations.

Happy Birthday!


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