Food and cartoons, a perfect combination


Nowadays, internet is full of recipes and foodblogs. Million are the internet sites, Facebook pages & co. dedicated to food. Today I’d like to to talk about food in an “abstract” mode, specifically I’d like to talk about some common foods that had become a symbol of some of the most famous cartoons in the world.


From “snow white and the 7 dwarfs” passing by “Alice in Wonderland”, each cartoon has in itself, in a small or in a large part, a connection with food. Let’s see how.

1)    Lady and the tramp

Famous is the scene involving the two puppies in love, eating from the same plates some delicious of spaghetti and meatballs, and then, a tender kiss makes everything just…perfect. One of the scenes that I prefer the most from cartoons world.


2) Popeye

This is perhaps one of the most famous cartoons in the world. The super consumption by the protagonist of spinach, makes him incredibly strong. How can we forget one of countless scenes in which Popeye after opening and swallowed a whole box of spinach, hit Brutus like crazy? Or the challenge between the two protagonists to conquest Wimpy as a customer for their mobile restaurant?


3) Ninja turtles

After a whole day fighting against the crime, this four turtles bust be very hungry at dinner time. One of them, Michelangelo, crazy about pizza, engages each time a challenge about making every time a different pizzas by combining together very weird ingredients! Curiosity: some American guys have taken a cue from the recipes of this cartoon to re-propose these pizzas at home to friends and family … the result, as you can imagine, it’s pretty disgusting.


4) Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Who doesn’t remember the scene of this beautiful cartoon in which Snow White begins to prepare a delicious apple pie with his friends? All the animals from the forest went around her table to listen to her singing and help her in cooking. A neverending emotion.


5) Alice in Wonderland

Here, food “recalls” are many: by Alice eating cookies and carrots that make her shrink and enlarge, the banquet table with dancing teapots of the Mad Hatter. A cult not to miss.


6) Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

A weird inventor invents a machine that makes rain… food! The most beautiful scene is where the Eiffel Tower is transformed into a sandwich with….even one olive on top!


7) Ratatouille

One of the cartoons that I liked most in absolute terms (perhaps because I’m a cook?). Both romantic and comic at the same time, it is the story of Remi and Alfredo Linguini. The first it’s a mouse, the second is a human… a little clumsy, hired as a kitchen porter in a super posh restaurant in Paris. No, I’m not gonna tell you nothing else, I just want to leave you the beauty of discover the final by yourself. Here’s the trailer:


8) The incredible Lupin

Seriously. Who has never seen Lupin? I believe none. This cartoon has been translated in so many languages, a cult for all those born in the 80 ‘s and beyond! But I don’t want to talk about him but more about his bigger “follower”, i.e. the Inspector Zenigata, who always used to eat great ramen broth during almost every episodes!


If you remind some scenes from cartoons that could have any connection with food, write below in the comments. I’m really curious to know your titles too.