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One of my great passions in life, is searching weird things on Internet related to food.In my previous posts I wrote about the most unusual restaurants, about the most expensive meals ever and even the strangest Country fairs around the entire world.Today I’m gonna talk about another extraordinary thing that you can do with food: art.

Art?? Yes, you got it.

Maybe you didn’t know but actually there are a lot of artists around the world who have made food their pretext to express their creativity, in a thousand of different ways. One of the greatest artists, perhaps the first using food as a protagonist of his works, is the world-famous Arcimboldo, born in 1526, best known for his use of plants and vegetables in his paintings. One of his best-known paintings is his “reversible” painting entitled “The gardener or vegetables in Bowl”. If you watch it normally, the painting will seem like a normal bowl filled with vegetables. But if you turns it 180 degrees, you can see in the midst of all those vegetables a chubby face of a gardener, in fact.

I’m going now to introduce you few contemporary artists who really like to use food to create their incredible works.

Othman Toma is an artist from Baghdad. Guess what he loves to use instead of palette and temperas…..? Ice cream.

What?? This news amazed me a lot but at first I was like… “Hu? Seriously?”, but once I’ve seen his paintings, I totally felt in love with them.

One another of my favourite food artists is Hong Yi, a Malaysian woman who paints … with coffee! These paintings you see below are manufactured completely with coffee diluted in different proportions with water, to create different shades. Look at them:


Vivi Mac is a French artist. He likes to compose his creations on any surface, with many different foods: coffee, sugar, flour, ice cubes and milk. Look how beautiful these portraits are, (made with milk):


Carl Warner, an English photographer, has a passion for landscapes, entirely created with food. He loves to use fruits, vegetables, fishes, candies, chocolates and much more. Have a look here:

Akiko Ida, Japanese, and Pierre Javelle, French, are both food photographers. Together they invented an endless series of photographs with miniature figures,   integrating with food, making them be a fundamental element of the everyday life of these gorgeous Lilliputians world. Absolutely fantastic.


Shay Aaron, Tel-Aviv artist, has made his passion for food into art. In fact, he’s shaping absolutely extraordinary miniatures food. Look at them, they looks gnammy aren’t they?


The last artist who I’m going to talk about is really a myth. He is called Hasan Kale and paints beautiful landscapes on everyday foods. Grains of rice, chocolate bars, each food is a good excuse to paint this little amazing miniature.


Do you know any other artist who made the food of his works?

Expect your suggestions in the comments below.


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