France: Why Has Pension Reform Caused Such Marked Uprisals

French cities have been the stage of diffused protests and disorder since the beginning of 2023. Why is Macron insisting despite the clear opposition?

The reason behind the numerous disruptions is the introduction of reforms with regards to the general retirement age in the country, advanced by the president Emmanuel Macron. The unsatisfaction with the proposed changes has led to the protests that have been animating the country for more than a month now.

Proposed changes

The retirement age in France has always been significantly lower compared to its neighbours. French people, in fact, have been able to retire from the workforce at the age of 62. Macron, however, has decided to shift this trend, delaying the general retirement age from 62 to 64. This means that French people will now have to work for 2 more years before being able to receive pension funds from the government and, the years they will have to make contributions to get the full state pension has been extended from 42 to 43.

Pensions guarantee the respect of crucial human rights

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