Grieving the late great king

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One year of official mourning for the sovereign who guided his nation towards harmony delays the choice of new leadership until 2018.

It was supposed to be the anxious end of an era, an event that might bring back the instability that had plagued the country for the last decade. Instead, seven months after the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, nothing has changed in Thailand, politically speaking. Prayuth Chan-ocha’s military junta is firmly entrenched, and there are no threats on the horizon. But it remains to be seen if this apparent immobility actually contains the seeds of future tensions. National mourning will last until October, when the solemn funeral of the man hailed by propaganda as “the greatest of kings” is set to take place. His departure is being used to strengthen connections among the monarchy, the army and Thai national identity.  

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