Hamburger, most famous sandwich in the world

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Hamburger is one of the most popular foods in the world. We don’t know exactly when and where this mith was born but we are almost certain that was born in the United States.  The hamburger is the most common fast food treat, with a turnover of billions of dollars a year, worldwide. There is no restaurant or pubs that doesn’t sell hamburgers, which is one of the most consumed foods for tourists and locals, together with pizza.

The name “Hamburger” seems to come  from the city of Hamburg, which toward the beginning of the nineteenth century, used to serve to its own nationals the “Hamburger Steak“, which was nothing more than a roast steak baptized with the city’s name. 

This recipe was then brought to the United States by the many German immigrants, and in the United States the recipe was then  transformed to become the sandwich with meat that we all know nowadays. Defines as a “salted hard slab, ground beef, often slightly smoked, mixed with onions and bread crumbs” from the ”English Oxford Dictionary, it shouldn’t be really nice, we wonder.

There are several recipes to make a delicious hamburger, because each one can be made with many different meat, condiment and sauces. 

But let’s have a look to some of the most expensive and weird hamburgers we can find around the world:

-The “Honky Tonk” restaurant in London has created a very posh one, called “the Glamburger”: almost 250 grams of Kobe beef, prized worldwide, mixed with New Zealand deer beef, black truffles brie cheese, Beluga caviar, bacon maple syrup, Iranian saffron, smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf and finally Canadian lobster. Total:  1,100 Pounds for almost 2700 calories.

– Fast food chain Burger King instead has created a burger with a dark black bun called “Kuro Burger” but only for the Japanese market. Ingredients: black cuttlefish and bamboo ashes, which give to the bread its characteristic color.

– The “Whole Damn Farm Burger” made at the “Splendid Kitchen” restaurant in Manchester weighs almost a pound and it’s made of two beef burgers, roast pork, bacon, a whole fried chicken thigh and 3 different types of cheese. A very cheap price, around 13.50 Pounds for about 2000 calories.

The biggest burger ever prepared weighs nearly a ton and a crane was used to turn it during cooking. It was then dressed with 30 kg of bacon, 25 kg of onions, lettuce, and 25 kg of 20 kg of cheese. It has been made and served at the Black Bear Casino Resort di Carlton, in Minnesota (Usa).


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