Hello Europe, anyoneathome!


Inspired by our last issue’s dossier on the forgotten Balkans, former Minister Piero Fassino tries to solicit a more convincing European response to the needs of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, based on his intimate knowledge of the area.

With many dark clouds on the international horizon, the Balkans rarely catch the eye of political commentators and European chancelleries. Yet we all recall the horrific massacre in Srebrenica and the atrocities that devastated the territories of the Yugoslav federation just two decades ago, leading to its dissolution and the formation of countries scarred by war and bouts of ethnic cleansing. In order to ensure that the Dayton Peace Agreement did not foster further ethnic hatred and nationalistic conflicts, the international community decided to station 60,000 NATO troops in the Balkans, thanks to which the region has been involved in wars  for the last twenty years.

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