Hope-less peace


The 90-minute coalition leaves little hope for the peace process.

Just 90 minutes separated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from a political nightmare. His joy, pride and confidence in quick coalition negotiations were on the line and proved as erroneous as the speculations that did not see him sweeping the Israeli elections. Netanyahu’s victory met with a lukewarm reception, especially in countries that have had experience with him throughout the peace process. Yet, in a chaotic region hemmed in by conflicts, an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement is widely seen as central to regional stability, but is peace at all likely considering the recent Israeli elections and the new government?

The last 90 minutes that brought Netanyahu’s fourth administration right before the legal deadline for forming a new government sum up the crux of this issue. Writing in al-Monitor, columnist Ben Caspit claims former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman planned this as one would plan a political assassination. Liberman waited just hours before the deadline to announce his resignation and that he would not join the coalition, preventing Netanyahu from seeking other alliances, namely with opposition leader Isaac Herzog of the Labour Party.

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