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An unmissable appointment if you’ll be in London in July 2015 is the “Hyper Japan”, a big event that brings together fans of video games, food, and all manner of weirdness from Japan. This fair is really a hymn to the land of the rising sun, a true explosion of colours and perfumes which you can’t absolutely miss if you are a manga, sushi or a sake’s fan.

credits Angelina in cucina

For at least a couple of hours you will do a full immersion in some curiosity that characterizes this country. I personally did not know where to start to look at because everything attracted my attention and I wanted to absolutely film or photograph it!

Like every year, the event attracts a lot of visitors, nearly 20,000 in just 3 days. One of the most important event that characterize the fair is the “Sushi Awards” — in which some of the most famous sushi chefs have to prepare the best sushi they can, to win the competition.

In addition to this, there is also another very important competition: the “best sake award”, an absolutely not easy to produce drink and very popular in Japan and all over the world.

Between girls dressed as cartoon and colorful wigs, I got lost in the food stands offering a multitude of good things to eat and that I hadn’t utterly ever tried. For example the delicious Octopus and white sauce meatballs fried in a crispy batter “shell”, or a “Pocket” of tofu stuffed with rice, eggs and mushrooms, a little bit weird at first bite but absolutely good. There were several choices for vegetarians too, with steamed vegetable dumplings or vegetables fritters in a super delicious and crispy batter.

credits Angelina in cucina

Some stands also offered the chance to buy some ingredients brought from Japan specifically for the fair.

In the following video you’ll see what wonders, culinary and not, will await you if you’ll decide to participate to this event next year. Meanwhile, here you are the official website of the fair:


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