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“I stand for Putin”, everybody wild about the Tsar1

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From singer Al Bano to philosopher Diego Fusaro, not to mention the former dissident Nicolai Lilin, more and more Italian celebrities are affected by the charm of Vldadimir Vladimirovich Putin. But among those who want to feather their own nest and those who want more celebrity, the reasons are often specious. That is why.

“Putin is not Lenin (unfortunately), but now he plays a very important role on the geopolitical side: resist to American special mission and its imperialism, guarantee a plural world freed from the United States unipolar domain”, Diego Fusaro wrote on his Facebook page, excerpting a paragraph oh his new book, “The future is ours”. The young Marxian and Marxist philosopher is in good company. From Al Bano to Nicolai Lilin, it seems that the list of celebrities struck by the charm of Vldadimir Vladimirovich Putin is getting longer and longer. There are those who endorse the Russian foreign policy and those who recognize the reasons that pushed the head of the Kremlin to get his hands over Ukraine, those who would recover Istria as Moscow has done with Crimea and those who see Putin as the last bastion of Western civilization against the barbarity of multiethnic relativism. But despite the authoritative tones, the reasons given seem to be dictated by ideological bias and not really convincing.



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