Eritrea reports a conspiracy from CIA

The country of the Horn of Africa accuses US intelligence agencies of instigating turmoil and trying to weaken the government of Asmara

The ‘Chinese Turks’

Despite always fighting for the rights of the Uyghurs, Ankara at present is being very careful not to upset trade relations with China
Altay Atlı

The old and the new in the CHP

From the ‘defensive nationalism’ of the Nineties to the recent victories in Istanbul and Ankara: the strategies of a party that is trying to win over the AKP’s electorate
Luigi Carlo Schiavone

Dangerous alliances and brotheroods

Erdogan’s Turkey, having made peace with its Eastern and Islamic identities, Is now pandering to historicenemies none too popular with its Western allies
Alberto Negri

Alpha Condé, the eternal president

The interview with Alpha Condé in sight of 2020 elections. Professor at the Sorbonne, the first elected president in Guinea after decades of dictatorship, he defeated ebola and boosted the country's economy
Guido Talarico