Cresce la tensione nel Golfo Persico

Uno scenario allarmante fa da sfondo all’aspro dialogo tra Usa e Iran e rischia di esplodere, con effetti devastanti. Urge un intervento multinazionale
Romando Prodi e Giuseppe Cucchi

Turkey-Qatar: the reasons behind an alliance

Turkey-Qatar on one side, Saudi Arabia and UAE on the other, competition between them tilts power within Sunni Islam and the Middle East. The third player, the West, has little to say
Luigi Carlo Schiavone

Washington-Riyadh: a dangerous friendship

While Obama opened up towards Iran, Trump has boosted the alliance with Riyadh. Let’s see why
Paolo Mastrolilli

The “deal" of the century

The US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Israel will meet in June in Bahrain for Jared Kushner's economic plan to redraw the balance of power in the Gulf
Nello Del Gatto

ART - Art celebrates change

The works by Sultan bin Fahad tell the story of the Red Palace, a place of great symbolic value for Saudi history
Guido Talarico