Guerra: il nuovo mondo dei militari

Per affrontare le nuove guerre non basta armarsi di tecnologie avanzate, serve una mentalità diversa: dalla superiorità dell'informazione a quella della decisione
Alberto Rosso

ART - An artist of these times

Born and grown up in London, daughter of immigrants from Ghana, Heather Agyepong reveals the uncertainty of her country
Guido Talarico

No peace for Kashmir

India questions the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, suppresses the dissent by violating civil rights and forces the isolation of the region
Nicholas Nugent

BOOKS - Brexit and the British

At the bottom of all Brexit issues there is one that concerns the British identity which now needs answering
Randa Ghazy

Eritrea blames CIA for boycott

This is an exclusive interview to the Eritrean Ministry of Information
Guido Talarico