When the artist reveals all

An artist who uses his paintings, sculptures and photos to discuss the physical body and the truths of our times
Guido Talarico

BOOKS - Asia becomes the throbbing centre of the world, again

"The new Silk Roads" by Frankopan tells the epochal change taking place in the BRI territories and recalls how the East was the crossroads of the first great civilizations
Riccardo Intini

ART - Europe: land of fashion and luxury

Anne-Sophie Berger uses bodies and clothes to look at the link between money and luxury
Guido Talarico

Donald Trump’s synecdoche

The tariffs and trade wars reveal the extent of the US’ concern over Chinese expansion and its possible repercussions
Romeo Orlandi

BOOKS - With migrations, you can win or lose

It's the main issue at the next European elections. Few remember the major internal migrations within the continent
Claudia Delpero