Confucius meets John Wayne

China won’t impose models on the West: far from it. By opening up yet sticking to its own ways and traditions, it is aiming to transform itself
J.J. Gittes

Khorgos, a pearl in the desert

A natural cross-roads between Russia, China and Eastern Europe has now been transformed into a huge land trading hub, with no tariffs or VAT
Domenico Quarto

Arms race

Over the years, military expenditure has increased – and still is – in line with economic expansion. There’s no bellicose intent of course, but...
Simone Pieranni

The Dragon is looking West

In the memorandum between Italy and China, two of the twenty nine agreements concern the ports of Trieste and Genoa, which Beijing sees as its gates to Europe
Riccardo Intini

When the artist reveals all

An artist who uses his paintings, sculptures and photos to discuss the physical body and the truths of our times
Guido Talarico