Jordan, monarchy and government in trouble

Demonstrations have toppled the government. The new government is trying to listen to the people, amid pressure from the IMF and major migrations
Matteo Meloni

40 tough years

The rial has dropped by 70% in four months and oil by 40%. Many companies are closing and the middle class has seen its spending power obliterated
Sergio Colombo

The world’s most packed polling stations

Some 900 million citizens will elect the Lok Sabha, or lower house. Modi heads the polls but Indian democracy is highly unpredictable
Nicholas Nugent

With the Bible and Sharia

The incumbent president faces his old challenger, Subianto. Widodo's strategy hinges on his choice of running mate, an influential Muslim leader
Alessandro Ursic

Someone to the rescue

Venezuela risks a military invasion, headed by Brazil and Colombia with US backing. Maduro is well aware of it and avoids stirring up trouble
Carlo Cauti