The New York Report

The shutdown's cost for US, the agreement between Washington and Seoul, the new World Bank President
Ilaria Sbarigia

Clash of titans

US and China, two leadership styles. The US is male, hierarchic and competitive. China is female and spins a web that gradually encircles and embraces
Romando Prodi e Giuseppe Cucchi

Europe in the crossfire

Russia’s yearning for redemption and Chinese ambition affect international dialogue regarding military cooperation while Europe straggles behind
Vincenzo Camporini

NGOs - Rescue missions: the outrageous charge [Part 2]

NGOs have become a political target. This weakens civil society’s multinational organisations that have been working with institutions for years
Serena Grassia

The power of a tweet

It can reach out where other media can’t, highlight whatever one wants and anticipate what the public is looking for
Antonio Teti