The federation of kings

Once under British colonial rule, now known for its petrodollars, finance, trade, futurist architecture and top-end tourism. The smaller emirates try to hold out
Eugenio Dacrema

A strategic crossroads

A multi-ethnic country with an open approach, engaged in progress and global security. Yet its model of tolerance needs to be seriously reviewed
Riccardo Intini

Conservative wave

Neo-liberal conservatives now have to deal with the usual unsolved economic problems and the highest levels of urban violence in the world
Alfredo Luis Somoza

Strong headwinds

Unfavourable conditions are brewing in China. Harbingers of crisis? Global powers have to face a whole range of variables – and Captain Xi knows it
Romeo Orlandi

United States: hits and myths

A collection of clichès and the most common and hackneyed misunderstandings
Ilaria Sbarigia