The Middle Eastern board game

The Sunni/Shiite clash has led to a new feud among Sunnis: Wahhabism (petro-states) and the Muslim Brotherhood face off on both politics and economics
Tommaso Canetta

The Saudi’s incoregible behaviour

Abd al-Wahhab’s teachings are a double edged sword for the Saud regime in the 20th century, which no longer controls the fundamentalists who believe in them
Eugenio Dacrema

Turkmenistan, rich and inaccessible

Isolated and authoritarian, it is the fourth largest gas reserve in the world. But financial difficulties do not allow bringing that gas to the market
Nicholas Nugent

Wto: how Brussels means to sidestep Trump's vetos

The connection between trade and security is the basis of each geopolitical balance and the response to the logic of power relations: only the EU can re-launch the WTO
Gerardo Pelosi

Confucius meets John Wayne

China won’t impose models on the West: far from it. By opening up yet sticking to its own ways and traditions, it is aiming to transform itself
J.J. Gittes