ART - Art celebrates change

The works by Sultan bin Fahad tell the story of the Red Palace, a place of great symbolic value for Saudi history
Guido Talarico

BOOKS - Wahhabism and Political Islam

What is the theological basis of Islam? How does the Wahhabi doctrine differ from Sunni Islam?
Valentina Rita Scotti

The Saudi’s incoregible behaviour

Abd al-Wahhab’s teachings are a double edged sword for the Saud regime in the 20th century, which no longer controls the fundamentalists who believe in them
Eugenio Dacrema

The Middle Eastern board game

The Sunni/Shiite clash has led to a new feud among Sunnis: Wahhabism (petro-states) and the Muslim Brotherhood face off on both politics and economics
Tommaso Canetta

Wto: how Brussels means to sidestep Trump's vetos

The connection between trade and security is the basis of each geopolitical balance and the response to the logic of power relations: only the EU can re-launch the WTO
Gerardo Pelosi