EASTWEST - US: a star is born?

Taking it for granted that Trump will run again in 2020, the hope of a woman entering the White House is entirely dependent on the democrats. And perhaps, after the painful defeat of Hillary, something is a foot…
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Digital warfare

Alibaba is an Asian giant, Flipkart is holding off Amazon in India and Yandex wins out over Google in Russia. Control over the web is not just about trade
Simone Pieranni, Stefano Grazioli, Matteo Miavaldi

The technical government

Economist Abdul-Mahdi will have to piece together a country that up to now has been governed (badly) by its Shiite majority
Sergio Colombo

A useful scaremonger

Trump is skilled at playing the powerful lobbies’ game and even rebukes them occasionally. And he’s offered each of them good reasons to support him
Paolo Mastrolilli