Italian general elections: the forgotten 10% of voters who could overturn the results

In times where Italian politics is exceptionally unstable, with the looming victory of the far-right wing in the forthcoming National Elections, an extremely pressing and paradoxical, yet often overlooked issue stands out among the causes of radicalised results

Thursday, 14th July. The Italian Five Star Movement fails to vote confidence on the ‘Dl Aiuti’ backed by the Draghi cabinet, thus triggering a sudden, unforeseen government crisis. Whilst the crisis is adamantly condemned by the left wing, it is long coveted by the right wing, which, aware of favourable election polling data, has obstinately been calling for anticipated national elections since the fall of the previous government. In spite of repeated attempts to resolve the crisis, spearheaded by President Mattarella’s initial rejection of PM Mario Draghi’s resignation, the fall of the government ultimately appears inexorable.

Today, after over two months of intense campaigning crammed with controversial slogans, Super Mario, who in just one month had managed to reach 63% approval rating in opinion polls and who was recently bestowed with the World Statesman Award 2022, is preparing to leave Chigi Palace. As the first Italian National Election to ever be held in autumn approaches, while polling data has remained completely unchanged all along, far-right Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni, alongside her three-party coalition, has virtually secured her win as Italy’s next Prime Minister and head of nothing less than the most right-wing government in the country’s post-war history.

The reasons

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