Skopje chiama Bruxelles

La prospettiva europea della Macedonia del Nord non si avvista: problemi di politica interna si sommano a una Ue distratta.
Simone Benazzo

The new European Parliament

Never before have the voices represented in the EU Parliament been so varied: this broad assembly can encourage all voters to feel more european
Erik Jones

Prominent Europeans call for change in approach to EU foreign policy

Now that Ursula von der Leyen has been appointed European Commission President, European governments must turn their focus on how Europe can stand up for itself and its citizens

Five crucial years

The new European governance: not just two groups hammering things out, but four. And Italy still has to name its Commissioner
Gerardo Pelosi

Political upheavals

Euro-scepticism didn’t win out: Italy, Hungary and Poland collectively amount to 25%, but the governments of the major EU countries are all under pressure
Beda Romano

Vincenzo Boccia, the only Italian leader

In a country that is no longer creating leaders that make the grade, the President of Confindustria seems to have – perhaps the only person in Italy – a long term vision for a competitive and modern Italy. But also a few ideas about the next budget
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Constructive consent

Macron’s European Renaissance has found a partner: the Ecolòs, who add a more far-sighted approach to En Marche’s muscular pro-Europeanism
Paola Peduzzi

The myth of the Flat Tax

The devil is in the detail: how many know, for example, that Salvini’s Flat Tax discourages employment for women?
Roberta Carlini

The Green wave

A united European Green front is the only way to deal with the climate emergency along with the other major global partners
Lorenzo Monfregola

Who will pull the plug?

The armed peace in the yellow-green majority could live on even after weeks of tensions, but with other characters in charge
Gerardo Fortuna

The real winners

Over 200 million citizens headed for ballot boxes in twenty eight countries, a record turnout of over 50% (+ 8 points), no revolution: the May elections haven't turned Europe on its head
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Fifteen years of Eastwest

First East, then Eastwest. Our magazine and training courses. Europeans and europeists. What we have been and what we will be...
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Macron’s lonely struggles

A champion of a European Renaissance and a politician’s rather than an accountant’s view of Europe, Macron has not managed to avoid a crisis with Italy or overcome German and Northern Europe’s distrust
Sergio Vento

The leading forces in the new Europe

The uncertainty surrounding the European vote could be attributed to voter mistrust of national governments and not on the EU
Erik Jones

Minimum wage: just a suggestion?

Introducing a minimum wage would bolster the integration of member states and improve relations between the people and the institutions
Francesco Saraceno

What Europarliament can we expect

Will the new parliament witness a shake up? It will certainly have a harder time managing a huge budget and a few broken promises
Gerardo Fortuna

Sovereigntists prepare to storm Brussels

A contradiction in terms: why should anyone promoting nation states want to enter the European parliament? And to do what? We explain why the sovereigntist block won’t break through on May 26
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Europe is at risk!

The tragedy of Paris is symbolic: if we don't accelerate the european integration's process, Europe falls. Let's keep this in mind on May 23
Giuseppe Scognamiglio