"Liberals" too little too late

Historically pro-European, during the course of history, the Liberal Democrats have suffered various identity crises. Now they are insisting on a second referendum
Claudia Delpero

But the Empire is no longer

Outside the EU, the United Kingdom will have to find a new role, new partners and ways of meeting global challenges. Yet imperialist ambitions remain
Gabriele Carrer

The end of the United Kingdom

If it leaves the EU with no deal, the United Kingdom risks upsetting the delicate balance that has held four nations for centuries
Alessandro Marrone

A leadership crisis

The British educational system produces ambitious and pugnacious leaders who can't handle uncertainty and compromises. After university, they have to win every argument
Erik Jones

Queen Mate

Johnson's advice was illegal but the Queen still approved it. The Scots are asking her to resign while English constitutionalists stand up for her
Justin O. Frosini

The return of reason

The halved spread provides the government with the necessary breathing space to introduce the much awaited cuts to taxes and labour dues
Roberta Carlini

The Italian experiment

Democratic Party and Five Star Movement are engaged in a major step in their evolution and designing their future even by reforming the electoral law
Francesco Clementi

Short crisis, long government

Italian Republican history suggests that the longer a crisis the more unstable the government. It took just two weeks to replace Conte 1 with Conte 2
Andrea Fabozzi

5SM: death and resurrection?

From hunting zombies to running the country. The splatter “fan” must now act responsibly. The Salvini shock has led to a metamorphosis
Marianna Rizzini

Conte’s second marriage

Salvini’s tactical own goal has revived a political virtuous circle. Europe and the Atlantic partnership are cornerstones
Gerardo Pelosi

Italy back in Europe

Together, Roberto Gualtieri and Paolo Gentiloni can help Italy understand that deficit spending is not a budget. Reforms and open dialogue with the EU are solutions
David Carretta

Salvini shoots himself in the foot

The leader of the League, who was approaching 40% of consensus and climbing, trips up on his own ego and his provincial attitude and sees his ratings wane relentlessly
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Erdogan's last war

The sudden yet not unexpected Turkish military intervention in Syria has finally triggered dismay among world public opinion. What has changed compared to the past?
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Rise and fall of the AKP

The Erdogan era featured an economic boom and landslide electoral victories. The economic and financial crisis opens up new scenarios for Turkey’s political future
Valentina Rita Scotti

Sultan Erdogan’s time is slipping away

The defeat of the Presidential party in Istanbul where Erdogan used to be mayor may indeed mark the beginning of his slow decline
Valeria Giannotta

Statement on the European Parliament’s confirmation procedure concerning Sylvie Goulard

Our director Giuseppe Scognamiglio co-signed an appeal to the European institutions on Sylvie Goulard's case

Europe for Europeans

Interview with the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli: the responsibility for addressing the challenge posed by sovereigntism and nationalism must be faced together with the citizens, as were the elections
Elena Marisol Brandolini

The Europe of Maastricht

With Federica Mogherini we go through the recent history of the European integration process. We will find out things we did not know...
Mathieu Segers