A new history for Hungary

Interview with the historian Gábor Egry on the government’s projects to change and reinvent Hungary’s past including Budapest’s architectural layout
Simone Benazzo

Leadership required

Only Europe can hope to stonewall the glorification of the nation state as proclaimed by the Trump administration
Erik Jones

Tbilisi, Salome’s dream

Salome Zurabishvili is the first woman president of the former Soviet Republic. The ex-diplomat with a French accent is set on making her country part of the EU
Riccardo Intini

Gibraltar, the rock of discord

The European Union has stepped in once again to solve the longstanding dispute between Spain and UK. And Madrid wins: another negative Brexit outcome for Elizabeth's subjects
Mario Magarò

Yulia's return

The incumbent president versus the revived Yulia Tymoshenko, ahead in the polls. But an outsider, comedian Volodymir Zelensky, could spoil the party
Oleksiy Bondarenko

Brexit is about to get real

Unravelling decade-long ties is bound to be exprensive. The United Kingdom is heading towards vassal status in a strenghtened Eu
Alessandro Marrone

A social Europe exists

Social policies, employment and a common European welfare are essential objectives to revive a caring community as well as a trading one
Francesco Clementi

No strategic vision: Europe and nuclear deterrence

An ECFR report explains that no European initiative designed to promote strategic nuclear autonomy is currently practicable...

European Union: hits and myths

Let’s try to clear up a few clichés and debunk misunderstandings relating to Brussels’ institutions

The Brussels Report

North Macedonia has begun the process to obtain NATO membership. The Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement. Maxi fine antitrust to MasterCard
Ilaria Sbarigia

Paris overthrown

The yellow vest movement began far from urban centres but is an indication of the fractures that run through all of French society
Danilo Ceccarelli

Supply-side rules the day

It is included in this year’s expansive economic budget, as it was in 2018. Yet there’s still no sign of public investment
Roberta Carlini

Emmanuel’s comeback

The Yellow Vest movement and its barricading style devoid of any coherent plan is starting to wear thin. It now resembles Italy’s Five Star Movement, but without Grillo and Casaleggio
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

The impossible alliance

The coalition parties, the League and 5SM, are preparing to wage electoral battle, albeit meekly and without putting their government at risk
Gerardo Fortuna

+ Europe in the world

There is only one way to react to the US-China war: accelerate the integration process. This would help manage crises, economic and social development and foreign policies
Giuseppe Scognamiglio

A waning moon over the empire

Pinched by the crisis, Erdogan is trying to reposition his country's economy, policies and trade on the international stage
Lea Nocera

Farewell, Frau Merkel

A tricky succession awaits. Her heir will not only lead the party but the country on which the stability of the European Union depends
Paolo Emilio Petrillo

Francesca Bria, a European citizen

In the context of the Eastwest Forum, we asked Francesca Bria how it came about that a talent groomed in the European institutions who later established herself in Europe's (almost former) financial capital, was noted by Barcelona and not by her compatriots… until today…
Giuseppe Scognamiglio