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Kindergarten for power babies

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Schools where you can flunk admissions at just six months.

The world has never been as competitive as it is today: globalisation has raised the ante on performance requirements in countless global industries and the economic crisis has possibly further accentuated this trend. Perhaps not everyone has realised, however, that the search for excellence now includes babies still in their cots.

From London to Manhattan, New Delhi to Hong Kong, parents seeking to enrol their children in elite nursery schools know this all too well. Due to over-demand (there are more children under three than places available in the best preschools), parents, but especially the children – well under the age of three – must prepare for actual interviews, whose outcome will have some kind of bearing on their future.

Indeed, getting into the ‘right’ kindergarten may affect a child’s later chances of getting into Harvard or Oxford or getting to mix in the most exclusive networking circles. This, in turn, could have an impact on the child’s future earning power, which is why a parent with foresight is prepared to go to any length for a place in the right nursery.

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