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LEADING FIGURES – From Rome to Montmartre

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Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, now teaching in Paris having stepped aside after his political and personal clash with Matteo Renzi, offers his view of Italy, Europe and democracy.

Those who know Enrico Letta perceive him to be a competent and upright person. He is a man of great intellectual integrity, naturally inclusive, intuitively strategic, perhaps not a rebel rouser (but that was never his intention), but someone who knows how to listen, a very rare quality among politicians. I’ve seen him change his mind without ideological or conceptual constraints when he recognises a better path, though he never compromised on his one clear objective: a united Europe. He sees it as a union of cultures and traditions, combined in a multi-ethnic society based on tolerance and solidarity, the motor of a continental economy that can’t help but carry weight on the international stage.

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