Madrid Gambles on Green Tables


To pull itself out of the crisis, the Spanish capital has been seduced by the brainchild of controversial gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson: EuroVegas, a mega-casino that aims to bring the Nevada desert to the Old Continent. But cigarettes could send the project up in smoke.

The competition lasted more than a year, but Madrid ultimately beat Barcelona. The EuroVegas mega-casino will be built just outside the Spanish capital in Alcorcón, 31 kilometres south – a 20 minutes taxi ride – of Barajas Airport, the country’s main air transport hub. The colossal project is the brainchild of US gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson. According to Forbes Magazine, Mr. Adelson controls an empire estimated to be worth over $26 billion. He amassed it building casinos in Las Vegas, Macao and Singapore, and now he wants to alight on the Old World in grand style.

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