Media, war, and war on the media

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Twenty years ago in Rwanda the radio helped trigger three months of ethnic conflict that claimed a million lives.

“For a long time, the white man has harbored the erroneous conception that the Tutsis are the good people. In the white man’s view, the Tutsi is more handsome and more intelligent.” – Gaspar Gahigi, editorin- chief of RTLM.

“We have just spent fifteen days fighting the Inyenzi [cockroaches] and Inkotanyi [Tutsi soldiers], who resumed hostilities though we have signed the Arusha Accords. They started war again as usual… The Inkotanyi love property and power and not people… They will all be exterminated and none will live to tell the disastrous story. Let them come, the Rwandans are waiting for them with machetes and other equipment they received in sufficient quantities”. – Kantano Habimana, RTLM journalist.

“Tutsi children [are] considered as the most intelligent. It is this superiority complex which set the Tutsis apart because, even today, many of them are still convinced of their intellectual superiority to the rest of the Rwandans”. – Georges Ruggiu, Belgian-Italian RTLM journalist.


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