MH17, the Russians confirmed unknowingly the Dutch report

The team of investigators released the report after more than a year of investigations on the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing shot down over the skies of Ukraine in 2014. The Russian response, in a clumsy attempt to refute it, contradicts all its previous reconstructions, eventually confirming it.

Investigators of the Dutch Safety Board said what everyone already knew for a year. The Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk type surface-to-air Russian missile. And so did the Russians who, in an attempt to hide the mobile anti-aircraft system as much as possible, had so far reshuffled the cards with a series of reconstructions that range from incredible to seen-in-James-Bond-movies.

Now that what was the most likely explanation – even before the sophisticated investigations on the Boeing remains and black box – is also the official one, the Russian version changes again. But messing up with counter-explanations, it ends up confirming the work of the DSB.

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