More Europe, everywhere


The EU is doing a good job but will do even better if the bond between its institutions and the electorate is strengthened. If that happens, it can stand as a model for the entire world.

Creating a new, genuine democracy beyond the borders of individual countries is the challenge we must face in the age of globalisation. A democracy to be extended first to Europe and then across the globe, whereas nations that are increasingly interdependent from an economic, social and environmental point of view still cling to a traditional idea of national independence without anything like the same degree of effective sovereignty.

This challenge is one that Europe has to meet forthwith and should shape the upcoming European parliamentary elections in 2014. Strengthening European political parties and promoting new alliances and European political movements better suited to the challenges of the 21st century are crucial steps that need to be taken if European institutions are to become more democratic and continue on a path towards a politically united and federal Europe.

What role are European political parties expected to play?

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