East 51

New green ships for eco-oceans


Rigid sails collect solar energy while hulls catch the wind and kites tow container ships: the sea will never be the same

A‘green route’ which looks like a very good bet, particularly at a time when shipyards are suffering from the general malaise that in recent years has swept away a sizable share of production. Nowadays cargo ships are the most efficient and effective form of product transport, accounting for 90% of world trade, a market so extensive that it can have a serious impact even on the environment. According to recent reports, the emissions of carbon dioxide produced by maritime transportation are causing alarm: they are currently estimated at 1200 million tons of CO2 a year, double the amount of the previous years and even then the figures weren’t at all reassuring. If one also considers that in recent years the price of fuel hasn’t stopped climbing, never has it been so essential to find a way out by seeking more sustainable solutions.

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