Eastwest.eu changes Director. The new editorial line

New year, new editor. From 1st January Eastwest magazine and eastwest.eu website are both managed by Giuseppe Scognamiglio who shares below some guidelines of the future editorship, by wishing you a great new year

Dear Eastwest friends,

in wishing you a joyful start to this year 2019, I'm pleased to announce a change in editor for our online publications.

But I first want to thank Luigi Spinola, a highly competent and enthusiastic professional under whose editorship Eastwest has doubled its single monthly visitors and now sees the one hundred thousand readership mark just over the horizon, a target we hope to achieve in the coming months. Our geopolitical analyses hailing from every corner of the world have always stood out for their originality and scientific worthiness, qualities that are particularly appreciated by our readership, along with our striving for reliability and a solid reputation, which we prize among all else in a world where the news is constantly being undermined by "fake" stories.

The decision to bring the editorial control for both the hard copy magazine and the online publication under the same roof is an editorial choice made by the publisher, the Eastwest European Institute, as a way of reaching out to its new under 25 readership that take part in our teaching and conference initiatives on international relations through our new main stakeholder, Associazione Diplomatici, which has replaced UniCredit and brings with it the thousands of young people who have been attending its courses over the past fifteen years.

When I accepted the challenge of broadening our readership base to younger readers, two main priorities immediately stood out:

  1. simplification: our online publication will now have fewer and much clearer sections, which we will make particularly 'user friendly', using the latest IT technologies and a more contemporary language;
  1. the need to provide a convincing answer to the question: why when I wake up in the morning should I browse the eastwest.eu site? We have decided that this can be achieved by introducing commentaries on the day's news, which does involve a change to a rule that our site has always abided by: no scoop chasing. We have no intention of forsaking our commitment on this point, but will try to be even swifter in providing our assessment of world, European and Italian events. We will also add a very stripped down international press review outlining the main stories being run by newspapers in other countries.

Another new development affecting both the magazine and the online publication will be the addition of a box on Italian affairs. I've borrowed this idea from the British magazine the Economist, the most widely read magazine on international affairs in the world, which has a special section on Britain. I think that everyone is fully aware that our country cannot survive and develop as a separate entity: we need to be part of Europe just as we must entertain relations with the rest of the world. Here at eastwest we intend to explain the development of Italy's foreign policies in a special section.

For bloggers, we have conceived a more loosely structured space, where everyone can feel free to provide their own contribution, based on clear rules of engagement that will enable the publication to retain its general focus.

I would also like to provide space for anecdotes involving the main figures on the international stage. This may seem to be a step towards introducing a gossip column, but instead we will try to point out the social and political impact that these seemingly minor stories may have.

We will also be reviving the English language pages of our website, which in recent years has perhaps been to some extent neglected. It will be less complete than the Italian section, but will stand out as a proper news provider for our readers who already happen to live in 50 different countries.  

Finally, we will not fail to provide details on the events and meetings we will be organising and on the locations of these meetings, such as the Media Centre at Cava dei Tirreni, a space given over to cultural production for southern Italy and the eastwest newsstand/meeting place in Rome, a small arena given over to discussions of international policies and politics.

In the firm belief that we can continue to rely on your support and participation, I wish to renew my best wishes for a great New Year ahead!