No way out

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The economic collapse, the protests and the regime’s repressive tactics have Caracas between a rock and a hard place: civil war or military coup.

Venezuela is on the brink of disaster. Huge popular protests have been taking place for over two months now, and are being brutally curbed by government interventions. These are merely the first dramatic signs of a ticking social time-bomb. In a world tormented and overwhelmed by the crises taking place in places like Syria, Libya and North Korea, the repercussions of the collapse of a Latin American country don’t make front-page headlines, and certainly don’t feature on the US and European political radar. It is a rather absurd situation, considering that Venezuela not only boasts some of the most extensive oil reserves in the world, but was also one of the countries with the highest per capita incomes on the planet for most of the 20th century. But a long process of economic devastation has now culminated in the chaos that Venezuela has been experiencing in recent years.

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