Sub-Saharan Monitor

A blog on sub-Saharan Africa to report the many realities of a macro-region that is assuming an increasingly central role in the international arena, but still struggled by serious security and underdevelopment problems. It is edited by the Africanist Marco Cochi @afrofocus

Next Station: Ikebukuro

Next Station: Ikebukuro is a blog on Japanese contemporaneity. Entries will deal with "pop" and apparently light topics, trying to show the socio-economic actuality behind them.

Riding the russian rollercoaster

Elia writes about the post-Soviet world, focusing on the Slavic countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. His articles are published by numerous newspapers. He also writes travel books and tweets from @daniloeliatweet

Far beyond

Former Managing Editor of Eastwest online. He also writes for Il Corriere della Sera and Panorama. Formerly at Linkiesta, Eurointelligence, Il Riformista. Named among the top 100 Foreign Policy “Twitterati” in the economics sections for being “the essential follow for breaking news on Europe’s economic crisis.” He has over 37,000 followers on Twitter (@FGoria). He won the 2013 Economics’ Club Journalism Award and the 2013 State Street Italy Journalism Award.


A nomad in the world's library who spent years covering money for the WSJ in order to obtain fodder for campfire chats. Now a climate refugee in Rome but a high modernist forever and trained in anthropology.