Stolen children. A sentence

Ines Madrigal walks out of the court after receiving the verdict in Madrid, Spain, October 8, 2018. REUTERS/Sergio Perez
Ines Madrigal walks out of the court after receiving the verdict in Madrid, Spain, October 8, 2018. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Prescription. This is the result of trial that sees in the dock gynecologist 85-year-old Eduardo Vela, found guilty by the Court of Madrid of trhee counts: seizure – happened in 1969 – of Inés Madrigal, counterfeiting of her birth certificate and childbirth's simulation of woman which she is assigned. However, crime more serious, seizure, is prescribed, because it occurred more than ten years ago.

«It's good that I recognized him as guilty, – claims Spanish lawyer and writer Enrique J. Vila Torres – but this was very easy. I had very clear evidence. But it seems terrible to me, that he has not been convicted for prescribing the crime. It is a very serious judicial error, which embarrasses me as a Spanish jurist. And as a victim, it causes me great sadness. These crimes have not prescribed. The crime is still in force, because Inés Madrigal is still separated by the force of her biological family».

The crime in question is under a broader horizon, that of tragedy of stolen children: perpetrated in Franco's Spain, it has been going on even after the regime's fall for economic purposes. Thousands of children subtracted under false pretenses to their birth mothers after birth and assigned to infertile couples. Victim, Inés Madrigal, today 49-year-old, who announced she wants to do recourse to Supreme Court with regard to prescription, claims she doesn't want compensation of EUR 350,000 and incarceration of 11 years for Vela, as requested by prosecutor, just that from the trial the truth emerges.

« I only agree – comments on Vila Torres – in part with her. I want the truth, but also justice and reparation and that those who made us victims now pay for their crimes. But it is true that I prefer to know who my parents are».

Founder and collaborator of different associations and author of important books on the subject – including Durante la tua assenza (2017), Storie rubate (2017) e Lettere di un bastardo al Papa (2018), all published in Italy by Castelvecchi –, Spanish lawyer, who discovered he'd been adopted at the age of 23 years and since then looking for his biological mother, has favoured with his activity numerous family reunions and has followed closely developments concerning case of stolen children.

«Progress – reveals sorely – advances very little, with many difficulties. The clearest proof is this Sentence of shame, because it seemed that we would reach the first success, and it has not been fully achieved. The Spanish State is making it difficult to investigate from the beginning to the end. We are still thousands of Spaniards without knowing our truth».

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