MH-17, a year of stories, truths and false leads.

A year ago, July 17, 2014, the flaming wreckage of the Malaysia Arilines Boeing 777 burned on the plain of Torez, in the east of Ukraine. Investigations are still ongoing and there is no official guilty. Meanwhile, Russia is opposing to an international tribunal.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing with 298 passengers that crashed in the skies of Donbass on July 17 is a great example of how the facts in this war end up in the background, while the scene is occupied by the propaganda. A nearly six months away, it is still unknown who downed the plane, and perhaps we will never know it. There are versions for all tastes: #1, Russians shot it down the to blame Ukrainians. #2, Ukrainians downed it by mistake with the same Soviet-made anti-aircraft system. #3, Ukrainians shot it down on the orders of the CIA to blame Russians. #4, separatists shot it down by mistake with an anti-aircraft system provided by Russians. It would be enough just to use Occam’s Razor to cut the most improbable explanations out. The Ukrainian army, which has the Soviet-made missile systems Buk in force, had no reason to use them, because the separatists have never had any air support. There were no planes to shoot down. Hypotheses #1 and #2 are out.

The Russian government has always denied having provided the separatists antiaircraft weapon systems; on the other hand, militiamen themselves were boasting before the disaster to be in possession of a missile launcher Buk. Ergo, would not make sense for the CIA to down the plane to blame Russia, because separatists would be easily found guilty instead. Hypothesis #3 is out.

There was an intense Ukrainian aerial activity in the Ato zone in those weeks, and the militia had already shot down at least two transport planes and a helicopter in the previous days. They had every reason to have an effective anti-aircraft system to neutralize the Ukrainian aviation. Hypothesis #4 seems to work.

Who really wants to find the truth?

Logic would suffice. Moreover, a disproportionate amount of serious, precise and consistent clues blames the then separatists commanders Igor "Strelkov" Girkin and Igor "Bez" Bezler. Already half an hour after the tragedy, Strelkov posted a message on Vkontakte boasting to have shot down an Ukrainian Antonov 26. Numerous geolocated videos and pictures show a Buk while being transported to Snizhne, less than ten miles from the crash site, and then a few hours later while traveling to the border with Russia with a missile missing. Finally yet importantly, there is Bezler’s voice, leaked by Ukrainian intelligence and later confirmed by himself, speaking of the shot down plane.

However, logic may little against the megaphones of propaganda, and against the blinders of ideological bias. Therefore, the network continues to be full of conspiracy theories. Recently, even the Russian Pervy Kanal TV spread a new "evidence", showing a satellite photo of a Ukrainian fighter while firing at the Boeing. It took only a few hours to unmask the fake got fotoshopping two years old images taken from Google maps.
Besides the junk of Pervy Kanal, there are other satellites that almost certainly have "seen" the launch of Buk.
A few days after the killing, the Los Angeles Times reported sources of the Department of Defense saying that the radar system of the Defence support program, thanks to a technique called MASINT, draw the exact point of the launch and trajectory of the missile. The question is, if the Pentagon has evidence that a Russian Buk shot down the Flight MH-17, why they not release them?

Meanwhile the JIT, the Joint Investigation Teamformed by Dutch, Australians, Belgians, Ukrainians and Malaysia investigators, has finished its work. The report will be released only in October. CNN revealed rumors that the JIT report points the finger at pro-Russian rebels. Meanwhile, however, the member countries have signed a non-disclosure agreement, initially kept secret, allowing any single member vetoing and keeping everything classified. In addition, Moscow is strongly opposing to the creation of a UN court on the disaster, arguing with the usual paranoid complex "the whole world against Russia."

It’s more than enough reason for keeping the Malaysia Boeing and the 298 dead in the background of this war.


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