Putin’s death

The Russian president has been reported dead a few times already. And resuscitated. Now, a farfetched interview with his ex-wife, Lyudmila Putina, reveals that he was killed long time ago and replaced by a twin. Beyond science fiction, Putin becomes myth. A living one.

The news would have given the respectable and authoritative German newspaper Die Welt, publishing an exclusive interview with Lyudmila Putina, former wife of the Russian president. "My husband, unfortunately, have long been dead," Mrs. Putina is reported having said. "I have to admit it publicly, because I could no longer see what is happening on his behalf. It’s terrible people. They did not stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and daughters as well as killed him."

Putin would be killed by the elite that he was refusing to settle. "The murder of Vladimir was prepared ahead of time. He was eliminated when his twin was ready to take his place. Outwardly, he was of course very much like Putin – I was impressed. But it was a completely different person."

The story was picked up by dozens of news sites and has spread to the network. All cite the German source, but just a quick check to verify that Die Welt has never made the interview. A more detailed research, shows that the Ukrainian military news site Dyvannaja Sotnja was the first to publish the news. In short, a pack of lies.


It is the transformation of man into myth. A fate that has touched many people after death. Putin is more privileged. He can see Hollywood stars wearing T-shirts with his face, european political leaders celebrating him as the savior, bronze busts of him as Julius Caesar, legions of fans like a rock concert. And he can get amused to hear the stories invented by his detractors. Dead, ill, dying, replaced by a clone, deposed by palace intrigues. Already in March, during an absence of more than 10 days from public life, the newspapers all over the world were unleashed in the most imaginative reconstructions. Almost all of us fell for it, including experience and respectable Kremlin-watchers. Then, one day he sly reappeared, and said something like "let them say well, how else should spend their time?"

Its reappearance was not enough to convince everyone. According to Andrey Illarionov, a former adviser to the president, thinks the struggle for power have already consumedIllarionov says Putin would continue to appear as President, while someone else would rule behind the scenes. Until the day when an announcement to the nation will say that “the national leader needs a well-deserved rest." And now the twin story.


The fact that the story seems to have been invented by Ukrainian sources says much about why it has been thrown in the meat grinder of web misinformation. It takes us back to the times of the Iron Curtain. When the information filtered from the Kremlin were either false or untrue. When a general secretary of the CPSU could disappear six months for a cold. As in 1983, when Yuri Andropov spokesman, who had not appeared in the May day parade, announced that the leader had "a cold". Andropov appeared on Red Square only on February of the following year, in an open coffin.

The false report is a reflection of power shrouded by a blanket of impenetrable official misinformation and transparency is a concept that does not even apply to the windows. The murky system of the Kremlin remains impenetrable to the eye of the public and the media, and the leader far and unreachable. Like a myth.


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