Putin’s response to refugee’s crisis

Giving voice worldwide to Bashar al-Assad, Russia improved its Syrian design. And, doing it again leverage the weaknesses of Europe, it offers its own recipe for the problem of war refugees.  

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In Russia, nothing happens by accident. And when you have even a perfect timing, there you can swear that behind us is a careful direction. The Russian TV rushed en masse to interview Syrian President Bashar al-Assad exactly when in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, was closing the meeting of the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, heir of the Warsaw Pact and the Russian response to NATO along with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Armenia.

As I wrote already a few weeks ago, the meeting of the military organization has been an opportunity for the showdown of Moscow intervention in Syria. That is Putin’s, achievable, goal to build up a Russian-led anti-Isis and pro-Assad international coalition. It would be the culmination of an enterprising regional strategy started already two years ago.

A few hours later, broadcasted worldwide from Damascus through six major Russian media, Assad said substantially the same thing. Blaming Europe for the refugee problem.

The Russian coalition

Assad is the embodiment of self-fulfilling prophecy. By repeating to refer to his opponents as terrorists, he ended up being right. With RT stamp certification on the screen, the Syrian dictator said that " So, the West is crying for [the refugees], and the West is supporting terrorists. It’s like the West now is crying for the refugees with one eye and aiming at them with a machine gun with the second one, because actually those refugees left Syria because of the terrorism".

Here is the recipe of the Assad-Putin duo for solving the refugee problem. Saving the Moscow-friendly regime and fighting with it against the Isis and, incidentally, against the Free Syrian Army and the Kurds.

Putin said it clearly in Dushanbe. "Russia has proposed rapidly forming a broad coalition to counteract the extremists. […] We support the Syrian government – I want to say this – in countering terrorist aggression. We provide and will continue to provide the necessary military technology assistance. […] Clearly, without active participation by the Syrian authorities and military, […] you cannot expel terrorists from this nation. […]Without this, it is impossible to resolve the […] the problem of refugees"

Blame Europe

According to Putin, the West is to blame for the Syrian diaspora. Indeed, if the flow of refugees to Europe has not reached even greater proportions, it is thanks to Russia. "The people of Syria are, first and foremost, fleeing the fighting, which is mostly due to external factors as a result of supplies of arms and other specialized equipment. People are feeling the atrocities of the terrorists. […] And if Russia had not supported Syria, the situation in that nation would have been even worse than in Libya, and the flow of refugees would be even greater."

It all hangs together.

Moscow has in fact already (more than one) boot in Syria. As here revealed, there are more and more clues of Russian military equipment in the friction zones under government control. And Pentagon source reports of large Antonov-126 cargo that flying from Russia at the rate of two a day.

Now, the next date to circle on calendar is September 28th, when Putin will address the General Assembly of the United Nations. It could be the definitive opportunity to christianize the coalition. 


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