Russian plan to annex Ukraine dates back when Yanukovych was still in power

The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta has published a secret document proving the existence of a plan to annex Crimea and the south-east of Ukraine when Euromaidan hadn’t reached yet its acme and Yanukovych was firmly in power. Today, it looks like a chronicle of events. Here's what it says.

The document dates from the beginning of February 2014, when Euromaidan had not yet seen its bloodiest days and the escape of Yanukovych was not even in the air. But the Russian intelligence services, we know, have a good nose.

According to the director of Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry Muratov, the action plan was prepared by Konstantin Malofeev, wealthy businessman, a constant presence in nationalist circles and Orthodox activist for the creation of the "Russian World". He has been helped by two friends and former employees, Alexandr Borodai, future "prime minister" of the Republic of Donetsk, and Igor "Strelkov" Girkin, then appointed head of the separatist militia.
Malofeev, according to Muratov’s sources, delivered the plan to the Kremlin, where it was seriously considered. And the proof is the amazing coincidence with last year’s events.
Here there are some excerpts from the text, making a brief summary of the entire plan.
The plan – Ukrainian scenario

“We must proceed from the recognition, first of all, of the failure of President V. Yanukoych and his ruling 'family'. President V. Yanukovych is a person of low moral character and willpower, afraid to give up the post of president. The events taking place in Kiev persuasively indicate that the time of Yanukovych in power may end at any moment.
In these conditions it is seen as the correct to play on centrifugal ambitions of the various regions of the country with the purpose, in one way or another, of starting the annexation of its eastern regions to Russia. The regions dominant for applying the efforts must be Crimea and Kharkiv region, where there are strong enough groups supporting the idea of ​​maximum integration with the Russian Federation.

Of course, Russia, taking upon itself the support of Crimea and other eastern territories, will be forced to take on a spending very high amount of resources in his current situation. However, from a geopolitical point of view, the victory will be priceless: our country will have access to new demographic resources and highly qualified cadres of industry and transportation will be in his possession.
The industrial potential of eastern Ukraine, including the military-industrial complex part of the the military-industrial complex of Russia, will allow a more rapid and effective program of rearmament of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”.
The plan – the annexation

[The operation] will not only give a new impulse to the integrationist projects of the Kremlin, but also enable our country to maintain the control over the gas network in Ukraine. And along with this, to substantially change the geopolitical set-up in Central and Eastern Europe, giving back Russia to one of its main roles.
To start the ‘pro-Russian’ process of Crimea and eastern Ukrainian territories, events must be created in advance to give this process political legitimacy and moral justification.
Retaliatory actions in the eastern regions of Ukraine must be dual in structure and in the scenario.

At first protesters must articulate their desire not to be 'hostages of Maidan' and its attempt to usurp the rights of other regions. Protesters must make a decisive condemnation of the actions of ‘western Ukrainian separatists, intruding with the help of their foreign masters on the territorial integrity of the country’, and calls for a rapid development of ‘associative relationships of the eastern regions of Ukraine with Russian Federation’. ‘We are with Russia. No civil war’.
The slogans of the moment has to be the justified desire not to ‘supported by tax levies the pro-fascist forces of’ Western Ukraine.

The political movement for the pro-Russian choice and association relations of east and south Ukrainian territories with the Russian Federation, as it seems to us, should be organized and registered by the law. For this it is necessary to prepare the conditions for holding in Crimea and Kharkiv region (and later in other regions) referendum which raise the question of self-determination and further possibility of annexation to the Russian Federation.
It is very important that "world public" have the least possible number of reasons to doubt the legitimacy and honesty of these referendums.

For this is seen as a fast way to provide the referendum process with modern means of verification (webcam and online broadcast). The preliminary design for such work has already been developed and can be accomplished in a period of two weeks.
It is important to organize these events with a PR campaign in the Russian and Ukrainian press.
This includes preparing and launching media rotation papers that are manifestos of both western and eastern Ukrainian separatism. In support of the annexation of the eastern regions of Ukraine and Russia, wide circles of the public in Russia have to manifest.


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