A Disney dinner for $15.000

Definitely not the cheapest meal in the world is the one being offered since a few months ago in the Disneyland Resort in California. Fifteen thousand dollars is the price you have to pay if you would like to enjoy what is not just a dinner, but a real "once in a lifetime experience."

The restaurant, called "21 Royal Restaurant”, has long been undergoing refurbishment, and is situated right by one of the most enjoyable attractions of the park: the" Pirates of the Caribbean. "Initially, it was for many years the private home of Walt and Lillian Disney, then later transformed into the super luxury restaurant, that can be enjoyed only by a few lucky people. Here you can have a seven course menu for twelve people, using a pre-chosen theme for the evening, and each dish is explained by the chef and paired with a wine. To treats guests as well as possible, all the dishes are served on gold and crystal plates, to make them feel as if they are being treated as princes and princesses.

Guests of the Royal 21 are welcomed by the guides of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, before being taken to the hidden house inside the park, where a butler opens the door to a grand staircase leading to the "magical" house. The chef behind the preparation of the wonderful dishes that guests will enjoy is Andrew Sutton, winner of numerous awards and working at Disneyland for a long time now.

Inside the Disney house, guests will have the opportunity to visit the apartment of the famous couple, inspired by some of the original storyboards created by Disney and Dorothea Redmond. The residence includes many Disney themes, such as murals of the "Sleeping Beauty" castle. The price does not include dinner only: in fact, park entrance for all twelve guests is also included and a private balcony to watch the fireworks from a very privileged position. It’s a luxury that not many people can afford, but surely one that would make any child (and not just children) happy.


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